Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Celiac Paradise

Following my Celiac diagnosis, I met with a great dietician to get me setup on a gluten free diet. This dietician was diagnosed with Celiac 10 years ago which really helped the situation. He was able to give realistic expectations and first hand educated tips on restaurants and foods. 4 days after my new life long diet started, I found myself in what many refer to as "Celiac Paradise".

Disney World has visitors from all over the world. It's their goal to make your visit magical. Though people certainly don't go to Disney World for the food, Disney does aim to accommodate any food allergy/intolerance their guests might have. The staff is well trained on what a gluten free diet entails and does a great job working with you, earning themselves the title of "Celiac Paradise". We stayed at the Coronado Springs resort. Gluten-free muffins, brownies, pizza, pasta- they had it all. My biggest fear with the gluten-free diet was how to communicate my needs with wait staff. I'm the type of person who never sends anything back. "I ordered steak and you gave me chicken?? Oh well, it's all food." There's no getting around that now. Every waiter or waitress I get from now on needs to know that gluten-free is a necessity for me. Disney World was great practice for me. I was able get comfortable bringing that up without being worried that they wouldn't know what I was talking about. I had no issues with any restaurant on the entire Disney property. Disney earned themselves an A+ on my gluten-free experience test.

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