Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On a positive note

Though there have been quite a few bad experiences, there's also been a few great experiences locally.

Yokoso: The Waterfront- All of the hibachi can be prepared gluten-free, and of course a lot of the sushi already is. Only thing to be aware of is they have the kikoman soy sauce so be prepared for that.

Chioppino: Strip District- As is common with a lot of contemporary American places many of the menu items are already gluten-free. The wait staff was very kind and checked on everything for me.

Sababa Grill: Squirrel Hill- Though the gluten-free menu options are few, they are delicious! They were also very accommodating. We ordered hummus and they served me carrots for dipping in place of the pita.

P.F. Changs: The Waterfront- P.F. Changs has a fairly large designated gluten-free menu and they evenhave the GF soy sauce for you.

I'm sure there are other great places out there. Here's just a few I've had good experiences with. Please feel free to share any great experiences you've has as well!

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